April Round-Up

Are you caught up?

gcfaq tn

CLICK HERE to watch the April video: Answering Your Garment Construction Questions. I go over patternmaking vs draping, muslin, software, sewing quality, so so many things.

CLICK HERE for April’s podcast episode: How I Make Money on the Internet and How You Can Too. I discuss how I make money using YouTube, Etsy, social media and how you can do the same OR use the internet to help you make money with your fashion business! I also answer a ton of listener questions!


I made a FACE MASK TUTORIAL VIDEO and you can download the FREE instructions and diagram at my online store HERE. I spent some time designing a mask with several layers of protection, that covers as much of the face as possible, involves ties because there’s a nationwide elastics shortage. I also tried to create a mask involving the simplest methods possible, using the fewest and most accessible methods I could think of.

I do a AMA Livestream once a month, every 3rd Tuesday, and keep them up for people to watch later. CLICK HERE to watch April’s AMA.

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