June Round-Up & News


CLICK HERE to watch my video all about measuring bodies vs measuring clothes, how to create and fill out spec sheets, what the heck a spec sheet is, and a million more related things!

CLICK HERE to watch my mini-tutorial on how to render fishnet/mesh!

I study my analytics to make sure I’m making videos that you want and need to see and I’ve noticed that my livestreams aren’t as popular as my regular videos.

Moving forward, there will be new videos every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month!

If you’ve noticed I haven’t been on social media as much, it’s because I’ve been teaching a fashion illustration course at San Francisco State University! It’s been a blast but also a ton of work. “You know, Prof, if you didn’t give us so much homework, you could spend less time grading.” hahahahahahahaha~

The class is wrapping up in early July. I’ve invited our beloved Adobe for Fashion expert Robin Schneider to bring us another tutorial loaded with tips and tricks! As I’ve said a million times, learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is absolutely necessary to get a design job in the industry.

Later in July I will be bringing you a brand new rendering tutorial. See you around the internets! Go to my website to find all my social media accounts!


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