March Round-Up

Are you caught up?

CLICK HERE for last week’s video. I interviewed fashion designer Melissa Calamia and asked her your questions from the polls I posted!

CLICK HERE for this week’s podcast episode.

This episode covers 2498390 ideas on how to find inspiration, what to do with that inspiration, how to develop your concept, push through blocks, how to research, all the things, including my design brief templates you can use again and again.

I also answer your 2398094 questions about the inspiration, concept development, etc etc etc. Then I drop a little fashion news, and then a big fashion rant. I went off. Oops.

LIVESTREAM Tuesday March 17, 6pm Pacific is coming up!

Did you know this video got Serbian subtitles?  (Big thanks to Nina!)

I recently hit 250,000 subs! As promised, I posted a twitter thread on my tips for starting a YouTube channel.

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