May Round-Up


CLICK HERE to watch the May video: LININGS LININGS LININGS! Everything you wanted to know about linings, some stuff you probably didn’t think you needed to know about linings, what’s the difference between facings and linings, how to design linings, what fabrics to use for linings, and more!

CLICK HERE to watch my May AMA Livestream. My livestreams are every third Tuesday of the month.

My big news for the month is that I’m closing my Patreon. I’ve discovered that podcasting is not the best medium for me and Patreon is not the right platform for me. If you were one of my supporters, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

As usual, CLICK HERE to access my website and find links to my social media, shop my book and art supplies recommendations HERE, and visit my online shop HERE.

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