July Round-Up & News

First of all, a massive thank you to everyone who attended my first online workshop ever, “How to Grow Your Fashion Business Using Social Media”! And thank you to everyone who let me know afterwards how helpful it was. It sold out so fast and the waitlist is very long so I decided to run another! CLICK HERE to buy your ticket!

Q: Why is there limited space for an online workshop?

A: I want to give everyone plenty of chances to ask questions.

Q: Will you post this webinar on YouTube?

A: Nope. Besides, it would be terribly unfair to the people who paid money for all this information.

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Are you caught up on my July videos?

CLICK HERE to watch guest lecturer Robin Schneider talk us through step by step how to draft a flat in Adobe Illustrator. This is an ESSENTIAL skill if you want a job as a fashion designer in today’s industry.

CLICK HERE to watch a short and sweet video full of marker tips and tricks, including how to render a gradient (or ombre or fade) in marker! (This one is all me.) CLICK HERE for an older video called “Color Theory for Marker Illustrations” for more marker tips!

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