My Top 10 Videos of 2019!

My YouTube channel has over 320 videos so it’s no surprise people don’t know where to start. How about my top 10 videos of 2019?

  1. Runway Review: Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2019: this year, upon popular request, I started doing runway reviews.


  1. Fashion History: 1900-1920: this is the first installment in my ongoing fashion history series. Every modern fashion professional should have basic working knowledge of 20th century fashion history.


  1. How to Get Your Ideas Made Into Clothes: an installment that covers the sampling process in my Starting a Fashion Company series, which is a must-watch playlist for anyone who wants to start their own line.


  1. 5 Ugly Truths of the Fashion Industry and What to Do About Them: industry real talk and a dose of optimistic solutions.


  1. How to Design for Every Price Point: have you ever wondered what the difference between bridge and juniors is and how to design for each category? Industry terms are defined and examples are designed.


  1. Boro + How I Made My Patchwork Coat: I was actually surprised how many requests I got for this video, once I posted the first photos on my Instagram. Click on the video to find out what boro is and why I’m obsessed with it.


  1. How to Prepare for Fashion Design School: I have an entire playlist on fashion schools, how to pick a school, how to apply to fashion school, whether you even need fashion school, and more.


  1. How to Shop for Quality Clothes: understanding construction quality is key for designers to produce covetable clothes and for shoppers to get the most bang for their buck.


  1. What is Haute Couture?: this is such a common question I made a whole video about the official definition of haute couture, the who what when where why.


  1. How to Become a Fashion Designer: my first video to hit 500K+ hits, this video goes over a rundown of all the skills you need to learn to become a fashion design. I often direct designers to this video first.

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